Future Generali Life Insurance Plans & Types

May 29, 2020
Future Generali Life Insurance Plans

A future general life Insurance company is one of the most prominent leaders in establishing insurance companies not only throughout the country but also beyond. When you work hard, pay premiums expediently, you want to ensure that your family member should be protected in every aspect. You want to invest in a company that is strong and reliable. Future Generali Insurance plans aim to provide in-cover needs of insurance with different life insurance policies plans available.

Future Generali has strong and established roots with a broad series of solutions, whether it be ULIPS, child insurance, health saving, group insurance plans, and much more. Lets at some list of plans offered:

Type of Future Generali Insurance Plans

The company has been working sincerely in ensuring that customers reap enough benefit and their security is assured. Beyond gaining benefits, many life insurance plans match your criteria.

Future Generali Flexi Online Term Plan

You can get details online and opt for it, it is a non linked and non-participating life insurance plan that comprises the basic cover of insurance.


  •  You can get assured life cover from age 18 -75 years.
  • Affordable life cover
  • The option of paying monthly or annual premium payment
  • The flexibility of creating your own customized plan
  • Hassle-free buying
  • Special discounts for non-smokers as well as women.
  • Assures high discounts.

Future Generali Heart and Health Insurance Plan

A health insurance plan is mandatory for each and all of us. With Future Generali, heart and health insurance covers about 59 listed critical illnesses and heart surgery or related diseases with it. It includes the provision of the death benefit that helps your family in your absence.


  • Comprehensive critical illness cover along with heart and cancer-related diseases.
  • Diagnosis and treatments are available from early stages to major stages.
  • Death benefits cover the amount and payback without a waiting period.
  • Flexible options of your protection plan including heart cover, critical illness cover, heart cover with a return of premium, and critical illness cover with assured return of premium.
  • Ensures fixed payout on critical illness and undergoing a surgical procedure

Future Generali Savings Plan

The generali savings plans lie under two subcategories – traditional plans and guaranteed plans. In a traditional plan, the policyholder receives a sum assured along with a vested bonus at the maturity period. While guaranteed plan caters to age group 18-60 years with returns along with life insurance cover.

Future Generali Assure Plan

It is a participating endowment plan. Beyond a traditional plan, it gives you bonus facilities. The family of the insured is financially protected and the policyholder has the right to gain maturity benefit on his survival until the policy term completes.


  • Income tax benefits for the premiums paid up to Rs. 1,00,000
  • The policyholder gets the sum assured along with compounded reversionary bonus
  • 6 riders available
  • The nominee gets an assured amount and bonus as a death benefit.

Future Generali New Assure Plus

The plan will help you overcome the increasing cost and increasing risk occurring in the future. With this plan, you could invest in saving along with life insurance coverage. The premium payment terms could be between 5 to 30 years.


  • Assured maturity benefit
  • The choice to opt for premium payment term and policy term
  • Limited payment for term insurance
  • Rebate on choosing for a higher sum
  • Tax benefit

Future Generali Investment Plan

ULIPS offers triple advantages market-linked returns along with the provision of life cover. Plans offer wealth-building solutions for fulfilling medium or long term financial goals. Choose from many ULIPS plans designed for you, some of them are available easily on online platforms.

Future Generali Easy Invest Online Plan

Future Generali has a strong portfolio of traditional and different investment plans to protect you and cater to saving requirements. You could apply online by register with LogIn ID and password. With a policy term of 10 to 20 years, you could get great benefits at maturity age.


  • Protection for you and your family
  • The flexibility of partial withdrawal
  • Control your investment as per your choice
  • Get returns with loyalty addition
  • Tax benefits
  • Wealth creation and accumulation

Future Generali Term Insurance Plans

With future generali term insurance plans you are getting financial security for your family members at affordable premium costs. You can add or delete members every month. There are two different terms of plans available – an online and another through other channels.

Future Generali Care Plus

A traditional pure term plan that can safeguard your and family’s future. You can choose and customize your savings as per your flexibility.


  • High life cover at an affordable premium
  • 10 time annualized premium
  • Additional rider benefit
  • Tax benefits under section 80 C and 10D.

Future Generali Express Term Life Plan

Future Generali Express term Life Plan offers comprehensive long term additional to life insurance coverage. It includes Life Cover, extra life cover, life plus health cover, and all in one cover options.


  • 10 time more the annualized premium
  • 105%o f total premium paid
  • Absolute amount payable.

Future Generali Health Insurance Plan

Due to a fast-paced lifestyle, we are vulnerable to disease and infections. With the Future Generali health insurance plan, you could get assured coverage for medical expenses in all cases. It not only covers the cost of treatment but all other related expenses too.

Future Generali Cancer Protect Plan

Cancer treatment can break your bank and put a financial burden on your shoulders. With future Generali cancer protection plans, you can relieve you from financial and psychological stress.


  • Covers minor tumor to major stage cancer
  • Free lock period of 15 days.

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