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PM Modi launches Fit India Movement: A promising campaign towards a happier future

November 7, 2019

Significance of a healthy and fit lifestyle

There is hardly a need to reiterate the obvious. Prioritizing our health in a world full of people who are continually nudging against one other is more of a necessity than a choice. We, people, are so busy making money, working more than we are required to, that we unintentionally neglect an essential aspect – staying physically fine and turning to sports and Crossfit activities. This laxity leads to lifestyle disorders and other trivial ailments.

Etv Breaking news- Prime Minister’s New Initiative

It is common knowledge that PM Narendra Modi is a fitness fanatic. Chalking up to the same, he keeps drawing in new measures to promote a healthy lifestyle.

This year, on the occasion of National Sports Day, the Prime Minister of India pioneered the Fit India Campaign to emphasize and encourage the inclusion of exercising and physical activities. The campaign was launched on the birth anniversary of Major Dhyanchand, August 29th, to bouquet the commendable achievements of the former luminary.

The event launch was followed by a pledge taking ceremony and tweet from the Minister of State Youth Affairs and Sports, Kiren Rijiju. Kiren went online to state how different sections of the society are supportive of the initiation.

With the motto “Zero Investment, Unlimited returns”, Modi aims at bringing a habit drift in the lifestyle of people spread across every nook and corner of the country.

Fit India Movement News– Here is all you need to know about the foresighted dream!

Narendra Modi is an observant person. He not only notices the citizens becoming the slaves of technology, but he also keeps coming up with programs to tweak the current situation. He has made it quite evident through his speech how the upcoming generation is becoming forgetful of the essential things in life.

The fit India campaign goes ahead of games and sports. It focuses on the parallel growth of the mind and the body so that they are aligned. To cope up with unfamiliar situations of stress and tension, one needs to be as fit as a fiddle, and this can only be done if we make modifications to the modern ways of living as well as the dietary intakes.

The Fit India Campaign consists of a committee of 28 members with expertise in different niches. These people are available 24*7 to provide their valuable insights and advice. 

The movement is not a short-term affair. The prime minister desires to bring about a revolutionary mindset change where people do not only talk about fitness to look cool but implement and alter their lives because they understand the need of the hour

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