The Right Time To Get A Life Insurance Policy

June 7, 2020
The Right Time To Get A Life Insurance Policy

Every year there is a hike of 15 to 20% of people who buy life insurance. In 2019, the LIC of India has issued more than 29 million policies.

Once you have understood the benefit of the term “Life insurance”, you want to reap more benefits by concerning the right time for investing. We are in a phase of life when we have to reconsider our priorities and invest to gain substantial in our future. Whether you are investing, a small or huge amount, the right time plays an important role.

Uncertainties don’t knock your door before they land, you need to invest on an early basis to reap better fruits. When you invest in a younger age, you would tolerate less risk towards a high premium.

Amongst the various policies, these factors would help you purchase a life insurance policy at the right time.

1. Health

Insurance policy premiums are based on a myriad of factors including monthly income, age factor, medical history, and much more. The younger insurers have to subsidize with lower premiums compared to others. As per insurance policy companies, since the last few years, parents secure their children as soon as they are born.

At higher risks like at the age of 40 people are vulnerable to high risk from illness or medications. Therefore, they have to either capitalize on higher premiums or sometimes they are denied to get any plans.

2. Clock is Ticking

Your age plays an important role in determining the policy rate. We recommend you to get life insurance as soon as possible to avoid higher rates.

For example, an average 30 cost of a 30-year term policy is about $100,000 maturity value, which is about $156 per year, for a 30-year-old male. Suppose, if you wait 10 more years and invest in 40 years, the annual premium would be $216 per year. So the overall cost of delaying the investment would add up about $1,800.

Investing is not any easy there are other financial obligations you have to worry about. While the optimal age is 35 years, we suggest you invest in your convenience.

You are investing in life insurance to support your dependents if you delay your decision the number of funds you receive will decrease steadily. Premiums increase along with your age, to cut off excess premium, start investing early. At a higher age, insurance companies may compel you to undergo a medical test before insuring a policy.

3. Determine Your Situation

A 30-year policy would be better when you are younger but if it is later there would be more complications. If you wait for more, you can opt for a shorter term policy.

Take inventory of what needs you want to cover.

  • A mortgage
  • Student Loan
  • Marriage
  • Retirement Saving and much more.

The Right Time is Now

Many people detain getting a plan as they believe that they don’t need it. People think that they would need it when the earning member of the family dies.

For a better and secure future, you need to invest at the right age. Explore from various options the right plan that covers your future expenses and supports the surviving family. Compare from various providers that offer you flexible benefits and reliability for your insurance.

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