Window Blinds – What You Need to Know About Them?

January 14, 2020

Though the term “Window Blinds” comprehensively includes anything that covers the windows to block out the light, the first image that pops in your head is probably that of a slatted curtain that can be moved to block the light or allow it in as per your requirement. With the changing times, the evolution of blinds has also been phenomenal. They are no longer simply functional but are a key element of the décor of not just homes and offices but also the hospitality industry. The blinds have a very interesting history and some of the facts that you should know are as below:

Persian Vs. Venetian Blinds

The most common types of blinds used worldwide are the Venetian blinds and the Persian blinds. The principle behind the working of both is very similar. The key differentiating factor is that while the Venetian blinds have only horizontal slats, the Persian blinds are also available in the vertical slats format.

Roller Blinds

These are blinds, which are very effective when you do not want any obstruction on your window when they are not required. When in use, these can be pulled down to obliterate the unwanted weather conditions and rolled up and hidden away in their secret compartment above the window. These are now available in varied materials – some allow more light to enter than the others as well as those that block out the light completely.

Interior or Exterior

While the blinds used for the exteriors help in keeping the varying weather conditions at bay, the interior blinds are more to control the amount of heat and light that enters the house. The interior designing also employs the blinds very creatively to give the rooms an exclusive appearance. The exterior blinds are useful when required to protect covered but open terrace areas, garages etc.

Materials Used

Given the functional need of blinds, the material used has to be sturdy, durable and gorgeous. The materials used for internal blinds include metal, wood, plastics, fabric and bamboo. The external blinds are made of tougher materials to enable them to face varying weather conditions. A variety of fabric can be used for the blinds and is defined by the purpose of using the blind. They could be sheer, blackout or sunscreen.

Blinds in India

In India, blinds made of bamboo have been used for a long time to keep out the heat and dust during the day and were rolled up manually after sunset. Another common use of blind type shutter is on the slatted windows and doors, which allow you to see outside while keeping the privacy of the home intact. Though these are still used in homes that prefer a traditional look, the décor options available have changed the way India looks at them.

If you are also looking for blinds to decorate your home while being functional, you can contact suppliers of window blinds Delhi for a large variety of heart-warming options. You can also choose from different ways you want them to work for your home with customised designing options.

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