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Mosque Carpets – The Most Beautiful Ways To Add More Beauty To Your Home

February 24, 2020

Mosque carpets are one of the most beautiful ways to add more beauty to your home. There are a wide variety of mosques for you to choose from so that you will find your home with the perfect style and design. Here are some mosque carpets to consider from carpet Dubai.

You can decipher your home with mosque carpets in a wide variety of ways, from elegant rugs to style your home in a chic way. You can choose the right style for your needs. Most mosques make light of different styles, therefore its best to explore the various options of mosque carpets before you settle on a purchase.

 If you are a beginner or a budget-conscious person who is looking for the right style of mosque carpet for your space.

The majority of Muslims like to decorate their mosques with mosque carpets. They want the look of the mosque carpets because they believe that it may bring a lot of good luck to their respective homes.

Undercover Mosques and Mosques Underway

 It is possible to find undercover mosques where mosques with minarets are now appearing above the carpets. Many mosques have built with this type of carpet. These mosques are underground, and the carpets are often completed by members of the Islamic faith. A tarpaulin top is then added on top to make it look like a real mosque.

Abu Salim Mosque

The Abu Salim Mosque is one of the most famous mosques in the United Arab Emirates. It is said to be one of the largest mosques in the Middle East. As one of the largest mosques in the area, the mosque carpet is designed to fit the size of the mosque. The flooring is in exquisite floral patterns.

Qasr bin Muhammad Mosque

The Qasr bin Muhammad Mosque is also considering to be one of the larger mosques in the area. Its colors are red and gold. The carpets in this mosque are exquisite. They come in a different color, red, gold, pink, green, and black.

Al Mufreh Mosque

The Al Mufreh Mosque is located in Dand Al Faisal. It named after the founder of the UAE. It is one of the largest mosques in the country. The flooring has an excellent solid look. The carpets in this mosque are royal purple, with an imperial edging.

Ulusiye Mosque

Ulusiye Mosque is also one of the largest mosques in the country. It was built in the style of a royal palace. The carpet used in this mosque has an authoritative tone to it. The carpet has gold and black panels and is very ornate.

Al Qasimi Mosque

Al Qasimi Mosque is also one of the magnificent mosques in the UAE. It is known as the national mosque of the country. This mosque is located in Al Ain. The carpet in this mosque comes in stunning silver color.

Sarabat Mosque

Sarabat Mosque is another one of the major mosques in the country. It was built in the southern part of Dubai. It considered being one of the oldest mosques in the country.

Sarabat’s carpet is white. You can purchase the carpet in a metallic or stone pattern. You can also buy the carpet in another trend.

Rajmahajnah Mosque is located in Sharjah. 

The carpet is elegant and royal. It comes in a royal purple shade.

The island of Diego Garcia is located in the Caribbean Sea. The mosque carpet used on this island has an antique tone to it. It comes in a white shade.

You can be proud of the mosques you choose at the end of the day for your home. Now that you have decided to do so, you can get started now with a room.

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