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5 Myths About Succulent That Can Trick You

May 10, 2022

Succulents are extremely beautiful plants. From the internet to series, the use of succulents as a home décor item has increased the popularity of these delicate beauties. Many people look for online nurseries to buy succulents at an affordable rate. Moreover, they thoroughly follow all the video tutorials and online tips to keep the plant alive. Sadly, most of the time, they fail to retain the plants and it dries up eventually. 

It is heartbreak for every plant parent to see their little babies succumb to death. The main reason is that there are many myths regarding succulent plants circulated on the web. As many people follow them blindly, the result is not good. So, here we will discuss and dismiss the myths about succulents so that you get the right guidance to keep them alive. 

Before starting the myth-busting procedure; here we will discuss a few things about these beautiful plants so that you have a better idea about them. 

The main attractions of succulents are the leave colours and shapes. The leaves of this plant can store water. It is a beautiful plant for a study table or corner shelf. You can easily keep it in your home if you know the exact tips to keep the succulents alive. 

So without wasting time, here we will start to bust the myths about succulents and know the facts so that we can grow the beauties in our home after bringing them from nurseries. 

1. You Don’t Need to Water Them:

Most of the time, succulents are projected as the ideal plants for the millennium who are too busy to water their plants regularly. If you don’t water succulents even for weeks, it is OK. On the contrary, you need to water them once their soil dries up. It can survive without water for a week but it may get damaged. You may find problems like shrunken leaves or falling of leaves when it goes many days without water. So, check the local weather and if it is not humid, then check the soil and add water if it is dry. In a few days, you will get an idea of the duration of watering. 

2. Keep them in Direct Sunlight:

It is a general belief that succulents love sunlight. So you should keep it in direct sunlight all through the day, even during summer. You will get another myth that it loves indirect sunlight. However, both of them are completely wrong. The right way to keep the succulent in the preferable lighting condition is to keep it in the morning sun for at least 2 hours. And then you have to shift it to the indirect sunlight. For example, you can keep it on your balcony for 2 hours and then keep it in your drawing room for rest of the day. 

3. You don’t need to prepare special soil for succulent:

Succulent needs special treatment in terms of soil. If you buy the plant from the nursery, then you need to repot it. For that, you may use normal gardening but it will be a blunder for succulents. For these beautiful plants, you need to prepare the soil. You have to avoid cocopeat for succulents as this medium has a higher water retention rate. Either you need to buy succulents and cactus soil mix or you have to prepare it by yourself. You need to add potting soil, construction sand and perlite to make the mixture airy and easy to drain. 

4. You can keep the succulent indoors:

Many people can say that Succulents are for indoors. You can keep it in the dark corner of your study. Many people even keep succulents in the terrarium as they look beautiful with the complete arrangement. However, this is a completely wrong concept. Just like any other plant, succulents also need sunlight and fresh air. 

5. Cactus and Succulents are the Same:

Many people have the notion that succulents and cactus are the same. Not all cacti are succulents and vice versa. However, there are a few succulents that can be included in the cacti group. But you cannot generalize it. There are many succulents which are not included in the cacti family. For example, haworthia, sedum, crassula, echeveria, aeonium, euphorbia, graptosedum, and sempervivum are succulent but not part of the cacti family. 

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