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Chetan Rana – Social Reformer, Putting His Efforts To Bring Change in Society

March 25, 2022

Chetan Rana is a well-known social worker who is working on different segments of the social structure. He is a social reformer in the true sense. He works for the people around him. The way he shows his empathy and compassion to the poor segment of society; you can really find it difficult to stay aloof. Chetan Rana Youth Inspiration is a human being who has dedicated his life and energy to the betterment of distressed people.

Chetan Rana

His aim to do some good for society is not new. He has made his family proud. Actually, it starts with his mother who is a social worker herself. Chetan Rana grew up watching his mother who worked continuously for the poor people. As a good son; he always portrays his mother as his role model.

He was well established in his high-profile job in the Information Technology sector. But the long for doing something good for people has made him restless. He left his job and started his own business so that he can do everything he wants to do. He left all the leisure and comfort of life and select the path of struggle. He has done many things every day in order to just create some difference through his activities.

Chetan Rana does not only want to the social work for himself. He wants to inspire the youth as well. He wants that the youth can spend their energy doing some good work. It does not only involve money. Anyone with any financial condition can be a social worker. This mammoth task of social welfare needs energy, time, and effort apart from money. For that reason, Chetan Rana Youth Inspiration wants every young person in this country to come forward a do a little good in their everyday life. Together, they can change our society.

When they will see the distress and suffering of others, they will not only try to help them but also change their own vision of life. Chetan Rana believes that it will reduce the crime rate in society as well. He dreams of a world where everyone is compassionate and helpful to each other. In this way, the world will be a better place, especially for the coming generations.

His level of thinking is completely different from others of his age. He never thinks like the youngster who only focuses on himself. He tries to bring positivity to the life of the people. In this way, he has become a reformer not only for the poor people but also for the young generation. So, we can say that Chetan Rana Social Worker is an icon who has the potential to bring the change. He has already done many good works at the grassroots level. He continuously arranges health camps in the village and slum areas. He also organizes a distribution center for food, and clothes so that people can get the basic necessities. He is working to start a scholarship to help the financially deprived bright kids who want to study further.

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