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Should Kejriwal return as CM of Delhi?

January 9, 2020

Arvind Kejriwal has been the reigning Chief Minister of Delhi for the past 5 years. He has been extremely proactive and ambitious throughout his tenure. Keeping in mind his initiatives for Mohalla Clinic, Education empowerment etc, his contribution to the city has been commendable. According to ETV Bharat News, Arvind Kejriwal has worked enough to deserve another term of being a respected Chief Minister of Delhi.


ETV News Delhi Live has claimed that Kejriwal’s party, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has built government schools and has sanctioned initiatives which allows principals and teachers to go to IIMs for proper training & guidance. 15,000 classrooms, equivalent to 350 schools, have to be added to the existing number of institutions.The teachers are also granted with Fullbright Scholarship which enables them to travel to the United States and attend programmes at various universities. 

Health care

Kejriwal has opened many Mohalla Clinics with a primary focus to better the lives of the underprivileged. The Mohalla Clinics, opened in every colony, provides free and efficient treatment for all. 

There have been innumerable examples for the same : 

  • A young Uber driver living in East Delhi had a mishap in his house. His son fell into a boiling pot of water and was taken to a mohalla clinic. He received excellent care for complete 21 days.  
  • Another Uber driver shared the story that when his uncle was diagnosed with a brain tumour, he was treated at a Max Hospital, free of cost. 

    Also, Kejriwal does NOT demarcate based on religion. Today there are 180-plus Mohalla Clinics spread across Delhi which caters to around 54,000 people receiving their medical care at doorstep every month. 


Kejriwal’s step to reduce the electricity price in Delhi drastically was sincerely appreciated by all. The first 200 units are free for everybody and charges are applicable over every unit consumed above 200 units. This system caters to lower working class, middle class and high class as well.


Water tax has also been made free throughout Delhi.

Women’s aid

Travel, for women, on public buses has been made free. This has been done to encourage more women to utilise public transport which they shy away from for fear of harassment. This action has received good acclaim everywhere.

Apart from all this, Kejriwal is highly educated, unlike many other politicians. He is not only power-hungry but actually puts in enough effort to make the lives of people better.


Many say Kejriwal is egotistical. That he loves the throne more than his mother and has been involved in some shady political scams, they also say he is a megalomaniac, a side which the high class of Delhi has seen. But, in spite of all this, we are to judge Kejriwal on his profession and not his personality. And in this context, Kejriwal is unbeatable.   

So, all in all, Kejriwal deserves another chance at being CM of Delhi.

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